election fraud

Win the next election

As conservative leadership tried to condemn and calm the unrest at the nation’s capitol during the January 6 election certification, easily the most useless refrain heard was “focus on the next election.” If you accept the premise and believe the evidence that there was widespread voter fraud that flipped the outcome of the 2020 election, why in the world would you believe you can win the next election? Or any other election, ever again? “It can’t happen here,” is a habitual principle that U.S. citizens tend to believe. Even with all the third world elections in which dictators win…

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The election was stolen way before the election

November 3rd gives us milestone date to point to when discussing the 2020 stolen presidential election. But the truth is, this election was stolen way before election day. The character assassination of President Trump started as soon as it started looking like he may win the Republican nomination. If it were just Democrat politicians, we could overlook it. The opposition’s political leadership is expected to weaken the other side’s leadership. But it came from everywhere, and nearly all of it was dishonest or misleading without any grace or benefit of the doubt. The election was stolen when talks of…

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Working in mysterious ways

I’ve been predicting a Trump blow out landslide for months. To anyone who would listen. To me, it was an absolute certainty. On what grounds? God’s will. Justice. The rise of black, latino, and women voters. The work of the Trump team’s ground game. The rallies. The record of success. The lack of Biden enthusiasm. The lack of Biden’s ability to complete a sentence… As the night went on, it was looking like the landslide was on. Not as big as I predicted, I admit. But it seemed fairly decisive. When most of us turned in, I think the…

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