October 2021

The lessons of Pat Fish

On Saturday, August 2nd, 1986, a few friends and I found out that The Jazz Butcher was going to be playing that night at The Underground, a bar (at the time) in downtown Milwaukee. The Jazz Butcher was the brainchild of Pat Fish (aka Pat Huntrods), who along with lead guitarist Maximillian T. Eider and the rest of the band was touring the United States for their first time ever. Pat Fish was an absolutely critical player in my youth and my wide and deep interest in music. Back in the 80s, when I was in high school, any…

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We’re not taking this seriously

A few days ago, I chose to engage in a Nextdoor.com thread about a woman who took her daughter to Burger King drive-thru only to be met with workers who weren’t wearing masks. (It’s important to note she took great pains to point out she was not proud of taking her daughter to Burger King, and she would probably never do it again, lest you’re judging her right now.) For a neighborhood thread involving COVID, it stayed remarkably on-topic. Sure, there were a few posts of COVID or mask studies, but generally, the conversation was centered around whether people…

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