July 2022

Postcards from Big Tech

Many Americans don’t truly understand just what goes on in big tech companies and how much attempted indoctrination takes place. Back in January of 2022, I screenshat a string of posts from a Twitter member called Hazard Harrington. It perfectly captures what’s happening in tech companies across the country and how they then appear within LinkedIn. Without permission from Hazard, this is what was written: “I work in Big Tech. A name you would know and have probably used before. Wanted to give a rundown of what it’s like from the inside right now. Obviously insanely radically leftwing. BLM/LGBTQ….

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Showing up should give you priority

Lately, I’ve been finding that when I go to a restaurant to order food, I find myself standing there waiting for service while the staff runs around in the background preparing all of this food for seemingly absent clientele. As I stood there watching Uber and DoorDash drivers come in and out of the restaurant picking up that food while I stood there waiting for service, I realized that priority was being given to online orders. Obviously, ordering online is convenient and helping these places make money, so that’s great. But when someone does the work, makes the effort,…

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The Republican marketing problem in one picture

As I’ve written many times, the Republican brand, thanks to Democrat marketing (and a complete absence of Republican marketing) is synonymous with racism, hate, ignorance, violence, and misinformation. Check out this screenshot from Bumble, a dating app in which women “make the first move.” This woman wrote that she won’t date anyone who smokes or has bad hygiene. But more importantly, she equated Trump supporters – Republicans, with “hate, racism, ignorance, violence, and misinformation.” This supports my premise that there are many conservatives out there who vote for Democrats because they figure, they’re not racist or homophobic or sexist,…

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