April 2022

Democrats: Sinister or Stupid?

The GOP, and conservatives, in general, continue to prove they need a lot of marketing help. Here’s the most important solution, and it must be implemented now: Brand the Democrats with this simple choice: Sinister or Stupid? It’s a question everyone can identify with, and it’s universally always a good question to ask about anything a Democrat says or does. Gas and oil prices are skyrocketing. What would you do? Democrats would stop drilling for oil in our own country. Are they sinister or stupid? Racial tension is a real problem. What would you do? Democrats would teach and…

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How to build a thriving city – 2022

I recently hopped in my car and drove from Seattle to Boise, Salt Lake City, Santa Fe, Flagstaff, Vegas, Bakersfield, then San Francisco, and back to Seattle. Coming from Seattle, a city that is clearly thriving in nearly every way, I started to notice little similarities in some of these other cities. Boise had a small tent city near the Capitol. Salt Lake City had obviously consolidated it’s roadways for bike lanes. And on it went. I was also recently in Milwaukee, and noticed this same trend. It was starting to adopt some of the ideas that made Seattle…

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The left’s secret sauce

The public’s short memories are the secret sauce of the Democrat agenda. Without our short memories, Democrats wouldn’t be able to do all the ridiculous and outrageous things they do when there aren’t any looming elections. They wouldn’t be able to claim the 2016 election was stolen and then censor anyone who says the 2020 election was stolen just four years later. They wouldn’t be able to blanket the news with ex-CIA leaders telling stories about how Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation” before the 2020 election and then have indictments on the way not even two years later….

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