September 2021

A recession is the perfect time to promote conservatism

Many think the best time to advertise is during a recession. The ads are less expensive. Your competition is in expense-cutting mode. There’s less clutter on the airwaves. You can establish a reputation in the quiet time so when business heats up again, people are familiar with you and what you do. Instead of only reacting to every single Tic Tok video abnormality, Biden misstatement, COVID statistic, proposed vaccine mandate, and piece of bad economic news, there’s a better strategy. Sure, in real time, those things are standard operating procedure. But with the election over and the mid-terms still…

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When did we get so excited about work?

Back in the day, families and friends were high on the list of priorities for people who went to work. My Dad went to work to support and pay for his and our family’s personal endeavors. He would often say, “No one ever lied on their death bed and lamented that they didn’t make more time for work.” Life is about experiences with friends and families. Sure, it’s about accomplishment, and people accomplish some noteworthy, if not great things, at work. But when it’s all said and done, you’re going to remember all of the unique, interesting, and impactful…

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