August 2021

If you don’t do what I want, you should die

Isn’t this what leftists are saying about pretty much everything these days? If I want you to get vaccinated, and you don’t, you shouldn’t be allowed access to society, and we hope you die. If you think we need ID to vote, you don’t deserve the right to exist within any community. If you don’t wear a mask, we hope you catch a terminal disease and die. If you don’t believe that all whites are racist, you need to be destroyed. If you don’t believe the events at our Capitol on January 6th was the worst insurrection in the…

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Always pay more than they ask

A few years ago, I was looking to hire a copywriter. My budget was around $65-$70K. A few weeks into the process, I found an excellent copywriter who had a lot of great experience and had proven her ability to write truly concise and impactful copy. I had a good feeling about her, and sure enough, she went on to quickly become one of my most effective writers. When it came time to start talking to her about logistics like benefits and salary, I asked her how much she was looking to make. She sheepishly said, “$35,000? Is that…

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