Isn’t this what leftists are saying about pretty much everything these days?

If I want you to get vaccinated, and you don’t, you shouldn’t be allowed access to society, and we hope you die.

If you think we need ID to vote, you don’t deserve the right to exist within any community.

If you don’t wear a mask, we hope you catch a terminal disease and die.

If you don’t believe that all whites are racist, you need to be destroyed.

If you don’t believe the events at our Capitol on January 6th was the worst insurrection in the history of the nation, than you are a domestic terrorist and deserve the death penalty.

These sentiments come independently from each other, and often at least a few days apart. But when you string them together, you can start to see the narrative:

Believe what we say and do as we tell you or there’s no place for you in this society anymore. And we’re serious.

Until people start taking this seriously, we’re going to continue to slowly lose our humanity and our freedoms until it is far too late.

And if you’re thinking I may be wrong, well… I may. But wouldn’t you rather be wrong in this direction than wrong in the other direction?

Would you rather look back and think it wasn’t as bad as I believed than look back and think, “I should have listened to the warnings?”