Back in the days of the Revolutionary War, soldiers used to line up across from each other to shoot.

Now, we barely even have uniforms as enemies disguise themselves in each other’s uniforms or simply dress as civilians.

There’s no shortage of fraud and deceit in the world today, and war is simply no exception.

If you believe America is at war, you may justify a similar view to the way we’re fighting it.

Corrupt, globalist politicians have opened our borders, killed small business, and vilified middle class, red-state Americans. More specifically, our law enforcement agencies and departments are embedding themselves in conservative groups to try an goad them into breaking laws so they can put them in jail. And they’re not going to stop until they’ve destroyed the conservative resistance and are completely in charge.

Meanwhile, elections are rigged so Democrats can harvest ballots and manufacture votes to ensure they never lose elections again. Sound like a war?

If you’re a conservative, you’ve been watching political candidates from both parties try and sound the most conservative to win elections, only to be disappointed by whichever one – Republican or Democrat – wins and quickly illustrates they couldn’t care less about the conservatives who voted for them.

Conservatives believe in truth, and many believe in God, so lying and deceit are very distasteful options. But perhaps that’s where we are. Perhaps that’s the farthest we can go without firing a shot.

Conservatives need to start embedding conservative candidates into Democrat elections – speaking and sounding like a die hard socialist – to get elected. Only when they are safely elected do they then start voting and sponsoring legislation like a conservative.

If done right, it would only take on cycle to get it done. If this can be done in state houses, they could pass election integrity laws in all of the crucial states necessary to start winning national elections again.

Mind you, I’m not advocating they cheat in elections. They don’t have to. If we had election integrity, conservatives would be winning elections all over the place. All they have to do is change to secure elections for one cycle, and conservatives would have all the power they need to do the rest.

This plan is a non-starter for many because lying is not a tool God advocates. It would mean giving up our morals and standards.

It’s a tough call. I think it could work. But at what cost. When you start acquiring power, it can corrupt and change you. This could end that way.

The only other way would be a competent and effective marketing effort, and I don’t see conservatives even discussing that, much less understanding what it is.

We may be out of options.