So, the Republican Party is dead. It has become synonymous with racism and bigotry, and there’s no way to save it (at least not in the next two years). The Republican brand is dead. Now what?

As any conservative who believes in creative destruction will tell you, this is great news and the perfect opportunity to create a party centered on freedom and liberty that truly seeks to make America great.

Anything is possible, so this is no time to limit our thinking. We can win back this country, and it can, and should be peaceful. The Democrats took it by forcing their agenda on many people who don’t want (or will soon find out they don’t). Conservatives can take it back by winning the hearts and minds of Americans. How? Here’s the roadmap:

  1. Codify the third party and give it a name
  2. Define it properly and accurately
  3. Stand for tenets that resonate
  4. Attract Democrat and non-voters
  5. Have conservative states and governors relentlessly and unapologetically enforce conservative laws and policies and reject Democrats policies
  6. Conservative leadership must confidently and aggressively defend conservatism and attack socialism as the oppressive and racist doctrine it is

Surely, there are more ideas and elements to this list. But this is a great place to start. Here’s more detail:

I. Codify the third party and give it a name.

As I’ve written about before, the third party already exists. Whether people realize it or not, we’re conservatives, not Republicans. “Republican” is just a name given to establishment, corporate, uniparty, socialist sellouts who happen to speak the language of conservatism to get conservative votes.

We’ve watched these people sell out conservatives and the country to make nice with the Washington establishments. They never defend our principles and stab us in the back with their inaction. What’s the saying… “Fool me 749 times, shame on me?” How much more evidence do we need?

They’ve never been aligned with us, and it’s past time we realized we were never aligned with them. As a group of American who knowingly or unknowingly align with the tenets of conservatism, it’s time to codify our third party and make it the “other” party. By killing the Republican Party, we will, by default, become the opposition. We’ll be the “other” party.

The Republican brand is dead. They killed it by allowing Democrats to define it primarily as the home to racism and white supremacy and not defending it’s own legacy of fighting against slavery and racism. It’s going to be far easier to start a new party than try and change the GOP brand.

The name of that party? The Patriot Party. It aligns itself to America and automatically tells people we believe in this country. Since the opposition doesn’t, and is actively working to tear it down and replace it with communism, it’ll draw an instant distinction.

II. Define it properly and accurately.

The guiding principles of the Patriot Party will be freedom and liberty for all men and women, and those principles must be vigorously and aggressively defended whenever attacked.

There’s a wide variety of reasons people support Trump. It’s not a secret many don’t like him, but appreciate the hell out of him. Even though they think he wasn’t the most tactful or honest man, they appreciate him because he never let one attack on America or our principles go unanswered. He simply wouldn’t let any slight stand.

Plus, he went further. He attacked communism and those, like Democrats, Washington bureaucrats, and the media, who are trying to replace our system with it.

As proponents of freedom and liberty, we stand against oppression and inequality. In our America, everyone gets an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams, contribute to society, and live a productive life. We are clear that this does not guarantee your future. Only your ability to seek happiness, so long as it’s not at the expense of another.

One of the core and most important principles of the Patriot Party is the concept of consequences. We believe people should experience consequences for their actions. If you surround and terrorize a driver in their car, you knowingly forfeit your right to not be run over. If that driver hits the gas, the law will side with the driver… every time.

If you walk up to someone and spray them in the face with pepper spray, that person, not knowing who you are or what your intentions are, may shoot you to defend themselves, and the law will look favorably upon them… every time.

If someone runs up to you and screams in your face, with no sign of backing down, they may get a punch in the face. The law will look favorably upon them.

The Patriot Party is steeped in morality, guided by “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” When there is a fear of negative consequences, people will be far less likely to disrespect each other or each other’s property.

III. Stand for tenets that resonate.

It should be obvious the Constitution will be the guiding document for the Patriot Party. It’s a brilliant document, and we don’t really need to change a thing. In contrast to any sort of constitution Democrats would write, were they given a chance, the Constitution will be the people’s choice every time.

That said, there are some tenets that have proven necessary in these times. (This list is not necessarily complete or in any order of importance.)

First, the Patriot Party must stand aggressively for term limits. Far too many politicians look at their elected position as a career. Term limits will reduce the incentive for self-serving grifters and sell-outs and help restore the “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” altruistic desire to represent your community to the nation.

Term limits would apply to both Houses of Congress and the judicial branch. This would eliminate appointed judges serving for life and move toward restoring the balance of power equally among the three branches.

Second, our opening platform stance will be to replace all of our existing Congressional representatives in both the House and the Senate. Obviously, we can replace all of our House representatives in one election. That should be the goal.

As I’ve written about in more detail, a completely new slate of Representatives will instantly eliminate much of the corruption and immediately restore some semblance of trust in our Congress.

A completely new slate of Representatives wouldn’t all be jockeying for positions. They wouldn’t have ties to corporations. There wouldn’t be any agenda-driven caucuses. There would be no seniority. Hell, there wouldn’t even be anyone who knew all the rules or even where to find the restroom.

We wouldn’t be able to replace the Senate in one go, but after six years, we could have an entirely new body. Unless we…

Repeal the 17th Amendment, and return the election of U.S. Senators back to the states. Right now, the public votes on Senators. By returning that responsibility to state legislatures, it will give more power to the states and create more of a balance between Congressional representatives who are voted in by popular vote versus the state houses.

Third, we have to guarantee fair elections with massive election reform. As I wrote back in November, elections need to take place on one day, in person, with valid ID, hand-counted, with observers, pass our existing citizenship exam, no mail-in ballots, no voter registration drives, and no equipment connected to the internet. We can’t do anything about the last election, and we may never know what happened, but restoring trust in elections is critical to the survival of this country. Patriots will agree.

Fourth, we need to take the money out of politics. There will be a campaign spending cap, with private citizen donation caps. Businesses, corporations, and any public entities will be forbidden from donating money or advertising on behalf of a candidate. All PACs will be eliminated. This will prevent candidates from owing anything to outside entities, level the campaign spending playing field, and place more onus on the voters to research the candidates versus just believing an onslaught of misleading television ads.

Fifth, we must restore power to the states and declaw the federal government. One of the brilliant aspects to our Constitution is the concept of giving the states the freedom to experiment with policy and represent their citizens in ways appropriate for those citizens. What works for one state may not work for another, and that’s fine.

Giving power back to the states would reduce the federal government’s role in healthcare, education, and environmental policy, to name a few. The role of the federal government would focus, as intended, on enforcing federal law, defending the nation, and representing the country to foreign governments.

Sixth, the government would take over the 5-6pm nightly news hour on all four networks and give each party 30 minutes to host, produce, and present their own newscasts. I know this is antithetical to conservative thought to let the government run the news organization, but they would only guarantee the time, not be involved in the content.

Our Democrat and corporate-run media are truly an enemy of the state. They’re keeping our citizens woefully uninformed, or misinformed, to the detriment of our country. Unfortunately, the free market can’t address this because it would only apply to where people actively go to seek the news. For those who casually watch the nightly news but don’t actively seek political news, they would finally be getting some balanced and alternative coverage.

Seventh, we must retain and defend free speech, no matter what is being said. The ubiquitous nature of cell phones has reduced our citizen’s ability to disagree or confront one another in person. It’s easy to be hateful to people when you’re not speaking to them in person, to their face. This has hurt free speech, as people have started to believe in “hate speech” as a real idea. It’s not.

Without free speech, our citizens will never be challenged. Their ideas will never be questioned. We will cease to learn from bad ideas and understanding perspectives different from our own. This will also mandate that our social media tech platforms either allow all speech or be shut down.

Eighth, it is imperative we mandate civics courses in all of our high schools, and it must include a certain amount of hours of teaching from a credible conservative and a credible communist. In the interests of free speech, both philosophies should be taught and understood, and the two sides should be able to speak to their advantages as well as the other side’s disadvantages.

Our current politicians count on an ignorant public who is prone to the empty and disingenuous slogans and soundbites they spew around election day. With a legitimate civics course, our citizens will have an improved ability to follow and understand their candidates around election time.

IV. Attract Democrat and non-voters.

When the subject of a third party comes up, many conservatives reflexively look at the pool of potential voters as static and limited to the current base. This thinking completely misses the opportunity to attract new voters with a third party.

The fact is, many Democrat voters are conservatives who think they’re Democrats because they’ve been told Republicans are racists, bigots, homophobes, and science-deniers, and they figure they’re none of those things, so they must be Democrats. Yet, they live their lives by conservative tenets and morals. On election day, they vote for Democrats, then go on not following what’s going on and never realize what it was they voted for.

Once the Patriot Party defines itself as the party of “normal” Americans that stands by the tenets and principles above, they will attract many Democrat voters who still believe in America, live their lives by conservative principles, and want to get the corruption out of our government.

It’s hard for some conservatives to believe because the Republican Party could never do it. But President Trump showed the way. He didn’t finish the job, but he transcended the Republican Party and started exposing the Washington establishment as the self-serving, anti-American entity that it is. Continuing down this road, with the burdens of Trump’s personality or style and the millstone of “racism” hanging around their neck, the Patriot Party will be able to attract people not currently in the movement.

Of course, this will also require a confident, aggressive, unapologetic, and articulate support of conservatism. We must be constantly teaching and explaining who we are, what we support, and what we don’t. We must also go on offense and define the Democrats. Explain that the current focus on race is, in fact, based in racism.

V. Have conservatives states and governors relentlessly and unapologetically enforce conservatives laws and policies and reject Democrats policies.

Many conservatives, including myself, are privately wondering if it’s going to be possible to defend this nation and win it back without civil war. I’ve written as much in these pages. But I believe it’s possible. The Democrats have shown the way.

Patriot Party leaders can’t be afraid to be assholes. Conservatives run at least 26 states in this country. They have to aggressively promote and legislate conservatism. But they must also make themselves sanctuary states against communism and the federal government. They must resist and refuse to implement or acknowledge federal laws that don’t conform to their interests.

Conservative members of our House and Senate must apply the same tactics employed by Democrats. They must push back with impeachment attempts. But not gratuitous ones. President Biden and Vice President Harris are both potentially guilty of impeachable crimes – starting with Biden’s “pay for play” approach to foreign governments, via his family. So, impeach them.

They must also be constantly and aggressively speaking out against Democrats and relentlessly explaining what they’re really doing and why they’re really doing it. The time for being polite has long passed.

VI. Conservative leadership must confidently and aggressively defend conservatism and attack socialism as the oppressive and racist doctrine it is.

Aside from the successful Democrat efforts to paint Republicans as racists, the other reason the Republican Party is dead is because it has failed for far too long to defend the principles of it’s base. They’ve let their voters get walked on, made fun of, and ridiculed for far too long with absolutely no attempt to defend them. People are beyond frustrated with it.

To be part of the Patriot Party is to fearlessly defend your principles and ideas, with full confidence that there is an entire movement that has your back. One reason Democrats are comfortable with blatant hypocrisy and lying is because they know their organization and base is unified and will always come to their defense. Conservatives have never known that feeling in my lifetime… until President Trump.

But President Trump is no more, and Donald Trump can’t be the entire party. Conservatives have to act in unison and support each other. They can’t fear bullying, physical attacks, or cancel culture. Those things are just going to serve to tell us who our friends are.

Defending the movement will signal to Americans that this is a movement worth defending. That alone is attractive to many people, and as the fear subsides and the support is real and apparent, more will join the movement.

The death of the Republican Party is one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetimes to get this right. We can finally tear down the rubble of that broken party and build something far more attractive and representative of our principles.

This is an exciting time, and the news is great. It may seem dire, but the opportunity is sitting in front of us ready for the taking. We just need the confidence, the will, and the moxie to step up and take it.

The Bubbler has more than 650 articles that will help people learn and articulate what the movement is all about to every day people, whether they follow politics or not. And we’ll be there every step of the way with new ideas and thoughts to help out.

Let this be the day the Patriot Party becomes reality, and let’s revive the American ideal so all can benefit from it’s promise.