Yesterday, I found an email in my spam folder from none other than Jesus Christ…

I’ve worked a lot with email marketing over the years, and have certainly received my share of it since 1994. But I can’t believe I’ve never seen an email from Jesus Christ before.

With a second coming in the offing, and all of the mass and instant communication channels available at this time, I wonder how he will announce his return.

Would it be via Twitter? First he’d have to establish a base of followers. Same with any social media account. But by simply buying a list, he could email everyone. Admittedly, much of it would go into spam folders, which would hurt his subsequent email deliverability.

I guess a PR event could capture enough viral views and television coverage.

Meanwhile, I went to gmail to see if any variation on the name was available, but it turns out “jesuschrist,” “jesus.christ,” and even “jesus.h.christ” are taken. (Presumably by Jesus, himself.)

When Jesus returns, it’s going to be a very important event. I just hope we don’t all miss it in our spam folder.