December 2022

“What’re you gonna do about it?” (The Democrat platform)

I’m not sure if conservatives or the GOP have noticed, but the Democrat approach to achieving their goals is to punch America in the face, stand over them, and ask, “What’re you gonna do?” And they’ve never been more brazen about it. With the help of a bought and paid for mainstream media, along with a weak and feckless Republican Party, they know they can’t be stopped. They know that America can watch a violent riot (if they can find it on any of the network news), and Democrats will stare right at them and say it was a…

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What a time to be a luddite

It’s the digital age. We have the internet. We have social media. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We are more connected than ever before. We get information at the swipe of a thumb. The answer to nearly everything is at our literal fingertips. And yet… We are arguably less informed and more lost than ever. We have no idea who to trust. Anyone can say anything, yet people are shadow-banned without even knowing it. No one knows who or what to believe. The propaganda is more pervasive and effective than possibly any other time in our country’s…

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