I’m not sure if conservatives or the GOP have noticed, but the Democrat approach to achieving their goals is to punch America in the face, stand over them, and ask, “What’re you gonna do?”

And they’ve never been more brazen about it.

With the help of a bought and paid for mainstream media, along with a weak and feckless Republican Party, they know they can’t be stopped.

They know that America can watch a violent riot (if they can find it on any of the network news), and Democrats will stare right at them and say it was a peaceful protest.

Democrats can look at a children’s book full of pornography that parents don’t want in a school library and say the parents are banning books.

We’re told men can get pregnant by the same people who insist ewe follow the science.

Elections can be stolen right out from under citizens – even after many predicted, or at least suspected, that it would happen – and those results will be certified with little challenge.

Elon Musk can reveal collusion between the Biden campaign, the FBI, and Democrats, and they defiantly tell us Elon Musk is a fascist who’s blocking free speech.

The DOJ can jail patriots who didn’t even enter the Capitol on January 6, or only entered to help the police officers who let them in, and Democrats will thumb their noses as they ask, “So what?”

You can discover Democrat corruption, deceit, twisting of our language, money laundering, hypocrisy, false narratives, flooding of our systems, refusal to enforce laws, twisting of children’s identities, and they will stare you down and ask, “What are you gonna do about it?”

Why are they so emboldened?

Because no one: No politicians, no conservatives, no Republicans, no activists, no courts… no one has provided any answer to the question other than… nothing.