God knows, conservatives have more than their share of marketing issues.

They don’t know how to use any of the channels. They don’t understand timing. They’re constantly reactive – never proactive. They underestimate the left constantly. The list goes on…

But probably their worst problem is their inability to craft and articulate a message that resonates. Chief among them is the lazy assertion made by conservative media, talk radio, and some politicians alike: Liberals (the left) hates America.

While there are undoubtedly some on the left who do – and that case is easiest to make about those running the Democrat Party (and this country) right now – it’s generally not true. And worse, it’s accusatory and off-putting for the rank and file, barely engaged Democrat voters.

Thanks to decades of poor, or non-existent, Republican marketing, there’s a huge chunk of the electorate who live conservative lifestyles and adhere to conservative philosophies who vote Democrat. Why?

Because they know they are not racist, not homophobic, not sexist, not anti-woman, and generally believe people can live as they want – and therefore have nothing in common with “fascist” Republicans.

Republicans have done next to nothing to disabuse the electorate of the branding the Democrats have hung around their neck. They’ve done nothing to combat the notion they are racist and hateful. And those who don’t follow closely figure they’re not hateful, so they must not be Republicans.

And so, they vote Democrat.

Then you have the more traditional Democrats who remember the party of the working man. They’re still thinking in terms of taxes and unions. They don’t hate America. They don’t hate their neighbors. They don’t even hate Republicans. They just want everyone to have a chance to succeed.

It’s a small minority of liberals, or leftists, who really do not like America as it was crafted. But those people aren’t just going to leave. They live here, and moving is a big ask. So instead, they’re going to try and remake it as they wish it to be.

That’s three different groups, and when you lump them all together by disingenuously saying they “hate America,” two of the three think you’re a hyperbolic extremist and will vote you out simply because they think you, yourself, are power-mad and unreasonable.

Saying liberals hate America is lazy messaging and doing far more damage then good. You could make far greater strides by talking about unity, school choice, not teaching kids sex ed in grade school, enforcing laws, and energy independence, to name a few.

Republicans need a hefty amount of marketing training, and it couldn’t come fast enough. I think I can help.