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Liberals don’t hate America

God knows, conservatives have more than their share of marketing issues. They don’t know how to use any of the channels. They don’t understand timing. They’re constantly reactive – never proactive. They underestimate the left constantly. The list goes on… But probably their worst problem is their inability to craft and articulate a message that resonates. Chief among them is the lazy assertion made by conservative media, talk radio, and some politicians alike: Liberals (the left) hates America. While there are undoubtedly some on the left who do – and that case is easiest to make about those running…

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Why conservatives can attract Democrat voters

Often in Bubbler posts, I talk about how easy it would be to attract Democrat voters. Here’s why… If you’re a conservative, and you understand that you are a conservative, then surely you know people – friends, relatives, coworkers – who live their lives as conservatives but think they’re Democrats. They believe in personal responsibility, accountability, treating everyone as equals, hard work, earning your way, contributing to society, free speech, common sense, and pragmatic solutions to problems. When they talk about issues, they sound conservative. But then you come to find out they vote for Democrats. There’s a very…

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