Often in Bubbler posts, I talk about how easy it would be to attract Democrat voters. Here’s why…

If you’re a conservative, and you understand that you are a conservative, then surely you know people – friends, relatives, coworkers – who live their lives as conservatives but think they’re Democrats.

They believe in personal responsibility, accountability, treating everyone as equals, hard work, earning your way, contributing to society, free speech, common sense, and pragmatic solutions to problems. When they talk about issues, they sound conservative. But then you come to find out they vote for Democrats.

There’s a very good reason for this that many conservatives still don’t understand. The Democrats have been actively and aggressively engaged in brand marketing for the past 30 years. Every chance they get, they define the Republican Party as home to racists, homophobes, sexists, and now conspiracy kooks.

Democrats never miss a single opportunity to label Republicans as racists or white supremacists. Every. Single. One.

They’ve been playing the long game, and they’re disciplined as hell when it comes to aggressively staying on message. It also helps them that the Republican Party never ever defends themselves against the charge. When they do make a half-hearted effort to dispute the charge, Democrats are already five steps ahead and accusing them of something else.

And it resonates.

There are a great number of Democrat voters who think they’re Democrats because they figure, they’re not racists, they’re not white supremacists, and they don’t hate other people, like Republicans, so they’re going to vote Democrat. Better to have someone they don’t totally agree with than white supremacists in office.

This is why talking about Democrats is dynamic. The Democrat leadership doesn’t represent a decent portion of their base. But because many people don’t follow politics, they don’t ever hear exactly what the Democrats actually do or think.

Conservatives are going to have to learn a lot about marketing pretty quickly, but it can be done. They need to tie Democrats to who they really are while redefining their own brand. Conservatives also need to articulate a vision most people can support.

That vision will include taking the country back from a small group of corporate, foreign-supported establishment bureaucrats and politicians who’ve formed their own country club at our expense. It will require hammering on the lies and corruption from the ruling class.

This is why it’s so important to embrace the third party they’ve already formed. Because neither Democrats nor Republicans represent the people. They do not understand they work for us. Instead, we’re to do as they say.

This message alone will resonate with the majority of voters. It will also unify many Americans who otherwise believe we’re too far gone.

The majority of Americans still believe in the country and want the best for it. The key is going to be identifying and promoting those things we have in common: fairness, responsibility, transparency, citizen government, term limits, freedom, informative and fair media, desire to work, recreational activities that aren’t infected by politics.

It’s wrong to write off all Democrats as hopeless, brainwashed communists. Many simply don’t understand conservatism and don’t realize that’s who they are. The Democrat marketing machine made sure of that, and the Republicans meekly did nothing to stop it.

If conservatives are going to win, they have to ditch the Republican Party, home to the worst marketing department in the history of marketing, and start actively and aggressively promoting their principles while defining the Democrats as the control-freaks they really are.