The Keystone Pipeline: yet another opportunity missed for conservative marketing.

Conservatives have been right, and even mildly aggressive, in pointing out the 11,000 jobs destroyed with the stroke of Joe Biden’s pen when he signed the executive order to suspend the pipeline construction.

But they missed the much bigger lesson. Despite what some say or believe, the fact is that “trickle-down economics” isn’t just a theory, or even something to be argued. Trickle-down economics is just a phrase to describe the natural order of life. It’s indisputable: when you pull one economic lever, like taxation, people will react accordingly, and everything else will experience the resulting ripple effect.

In other words, on action will trickle down to the rest. Perhaps “ripple effect economics” would be a more helpful phrase for people (though nowhere near as catchy).

When those 11,000 jobs were cut directly, it wasn’t just those jobs affected. In fact, the towns, shops, businesses, and hotels built to serve those workers also took a hit, which was equally catastrophic for some.

When people talk about the economic impact of a professional sports teams, they’re not just talking about the salaries of the players and office workers, nor the revenue from selling tickets. They’re talking about the nearby businesses who profit from their proximity or relationship with the team.

They’re talking about the full hotels as fans, press, and players come to town for games. They’re talking about the shops, restaurants, and bars that see more visitors from both the extra people in town, but also the locals who seek to make an event of going to a game. The government also sees more tax revenue as a result of that business revenue.

That is trickle-down economics, and that is what took a huge hit when those jobs were cut. And they’re going to continue to take hits wherever there are fracking, coal, and oil jobs on the Biden executive order chopping block.

The economic impact is far greater than conservatives are saying, and they need to get the math right on this. They need to teach this economic lesson and help people understand just how destructive Joe Biden is.

Incidentally, instead of conservatives acting all shocked, dumbfounded, or surprised at the job-killing actions of Democrats, they need to start understanding it’s intentional. Government dependence and socialism is the goal, and you can’t have that with independently owned small business or self-sufficient middle class Americans.

This isn’t because they’re stupid. It’s intentional, and we better figure out pretty quickly who we’re truly up against and what their intentions are. And then, we’d better get the word out fast, or we’re just going to be a list of tech companies creating an upper middle class at the expense of everyone else.