President Trump opened the country’s collective eyes to many sights and ideas they had not seen prior. There are more people who understand how the political establishment fixes the game and how little they’re interested in truly helping or making a difference.

They’re not trying to get results. They’re trying to keep the problems alive so they can continue on in office working to solve them.

With the great conservative awakening, the worst marketing department in the history of marketing, otherwise known as the Republican Party, needs to define, understand, and aggressively articulate the tenets and goals of the conservative cause. In short, they need to think like salespeople and sell the American people on their ideas. And it shouldn’t be hard.

There are so many simple and common sensical ideas that could make a tremendous difference to this country. Term limits. Deregulation. Lower taxes. Legal immigration. Energy independence. All of these are simple ideas around which people can rally.

Another one that you don’t hear conservatives discuss is focused legislation.

The political establishment continually gets away with crafting legislation with literally thousands of pages that no one reads before they vote on them. In the best of times, this style of legislation allows politicians to bury money for all sorts of projects that waste taxpayer money but enriches the donor class. In the worst of times, this style of legislation restructures our entire healthcare system or spends trillions of our dollars on things that won’t help the American people.

Comprehensive legislative bills also allow politicians to justify however they vote on it to whomever they’re speaking. If they voted “yes,” it’s easy to pick something out of a huge bill that they supported, just as it’s easy to justify a “no” vote because of something in the bill they didn’t. The entire thing is a game.

Conservatives should be defining and backing a promise to only write and vote on legislation that is simple, brief, and targeted. You’re either for it or against it. You either believe in funding students versus schools, or you don’t. That bill could be less than a page.

Sure, you need enough clarity in language within the bill to prevent courts from wild, unintended interpretations, but if the purpose of the bill is targeted and focused, it will make the intent of the language that much easier to craft.

This along with insisting on a public review period that truly allows people enough time to find, read, and react to the bill, would be something rand-and-file Americans of both parties could get behind.

Conservatives continually make the mistake of keeping their ideas to themselves and not having faith that most Americans – including Democrat voters – could understand and rally around their principles.

If they could simplify their ideas, go on offense, and aggressively present them to the American public, they can keep the momentum of the Make America Great movement alive while continuing to bring more people into the movement.