If enough white people identify as black people, would there then be black privilege?

If so, what do we do about it?

As a conservative, I see so many inconsistencies in the popular liberal thinking, that I’m having a hard time keeping up.

To be sure, as a human, I’m prone to my own inconsistencies. We’re people. It’s what we do. And I’m sure I’ve got my fair share. But they’re mine, and owned by me.

The liberal inconsistencies I’m referring to illustrate a collective, national irrationality that really deserves some acknowledgement or justification.

For example:

If liberals are so scientific, how do they figure women can get prostate cancer or men can have a child?

If teachers are in so much danger if they return to the classroom, how have grocery workers survived the hundreds, if not thousands, of random adults they encounter at work?

If you can protest safely (so much so that Dr. Fauci can’t say that specific activity is dangerous), how come you can’t stand in line to vote or go to church?

If masks are required to save us, how come countries like Japan, New Zealand, and the Philippines (to name just three of many), with strong mask mandates and compliance, are seeing an uptick in cases?

If black lives matter, why don’t we care about the constant black-on-black murders that happen every day in places like Chicago? (I know, that’s a common one, but still without answer.)

If voting in person is life-threatening, why are people gathering together, in person, to protest against voting in person?

If masks are so critical, why do we let people walk into a restaurant and take it off while they’re eating?

If social distancing works, why do we need masks?

If masks work, why do we need social distancing?

If masks work, and you are concerned, why don’t you wear yours and not worry about if others are wearing theirs?

If lockdowns work so well, then why would it occur to anyone to suggest that President Trump has ruined the economy with all the lockdowns going on?

If we’re so concerned about dying, why don’t the nightly news programs also have a running count of how many Americans have died of heart disease, smoking, flu, pneumonia, car accidents, suicide, old age, diabetes, obesity, cancer, leukemia, unintentional injuries, strokes, and chronic lower respiratory disease?

If there’s systemic racism in the Constitution and United States system of government, don’t we owe the Founder’s a hat tip for being so clever as to make it so it only targets black people but not anyone from any other race?

If white supremacists are so prevalent, how come you don’t know one?

If white supremacy is built into the fabric of this country, then why are there no existing or past holidays that specifically celebrated being white?

If the teacher’s unions are so in sync with Black Lives Matter, why are they so hostile toward charter schools and giving black families in poor areas the ability to attend schools that will give their sons and daughters a better chance of escaping that poverty?

If corporations are not people, then why do Democrats continually insist in treating them like people and involving them in political matters, like Black Lives Matter, that don’t concern inhuman corporations?

If liberals view all conservatives as white men trying to desperately hold on to the past, why is that not racist to white men?

I could go on…