One of the core differences between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives see life as a series of events between themselves and anyone else who happens to be involved in those particular events.

They see individuals who’ve come together and engaged in an experience unique to them and those circumstances. They see an action and a reaction that lasts however long it does, involving whomever it involves, with unique causes particular to that incident.

Conversely, it appears liberals see groups of people who all experience the exact same thing. They simplify and dumb down all of the unique, isolated life events and make those events the purview and experience of all.

If something happened to one woman, it must happen all the time to all of them. Particularly if it’s a negative event.

Similarly, if a white person screams a racial slur at another, all white people must be constantly screaming racial slurs at minorities all the time.

Conservatives see a land of individuals, and they’re trying to convince each one of them that individual freedom and liberty is the best way to live and worth the fights necessary to preserve it.

Liberals appear to see a land of groups, identified by some demographic trait, and assumes they’re all having the same negative experience that is holding them back and making them victims.

This is why when a conservative has a personal problem, they do what they need to solve it, and then they move on.

This also explains why when a liberal has a personal problem, they try to annoy as many people as possible by convincing them that their problem is actually everyone’s problem and requires everyone to stop what they’re doing to solve it and keep it from ever happening ever again to anyone… um, ever.

If you’re ever wondering who politics has infected every aspect of our daily life, this is the roadmap.