I don’t understand why more people aren’t upset about those who say “black lives matter.”

I’m not talking about the communist organization, Black Lives Matter. I’m talking about the sentiment.

It strikes me as arrogant to be told by someone else, especially a white person, that black lives matter. Who are they, of all people, to say?

So, you’re saying, if a white person didn’t tell you black lives matter, you wouldn’t be able to figure it out on your own? Or, perhaps, you wouldn’t know if you could believe it, if not for a white person saying it? Or maybe, if white people didn’t think so, then it wouldn’t be true?

Why do black people need white people to tell them black lives matter? Don’t they know it already? Or is it white people telling other people black lives matter?

Whenever I read these signs, I always think about the other things I’d like to see on signs, like “gravity keeps us grounded,” or “that’s oxygen you’re breathing.”

You see, the thing is, black lives matter because all lives matter, and that’s not because I say so. It’s not because we all agree. It’s not because it’s inherent in our laws. It’s because life is meaningful because it was given to us by God.

If we give whites the power to decide that “black lives matter,” it stands to reason they can determine when that’s no longer true.

The government didn’t give us life, and it can’t just decide to take it away. To say “black lives matter,” is to presume that it’s true because you said it, or that we needed you to affirm it.

Regardless if anyone says it or not, it’s as inherently true as “life matters.”

Perhaps it’s time we started taking it seriously.