For the last week, during the night, Seattle protesters have been routinely spilling out on I5, the main freeway running from Washington to California. In a recent KING5 article, I saw this quote:

“”WSP Trooper Rick Johnson tweeted that an SUV ran through the closure from Dearborn to northbound I-5 and “nearly hit protestors.” Trooper Johnson asked anyone with information to call the WSP.”

Perhaps some may call me heartless, but my parents taught me to stay out of the road, lest you get hit by oncoming vehicles. I think with all the militant pedestrianism and crosswalk flags, we’ve let our kids down. I don’t think people understand the dynamics of crossing the street anymore.

You’re supposed to stand, look both ways (left, right, and left again) before crossing. Don’t cross from between two parallel parked cars. Use a crosswalk, if possible.

But these life-saving techniques seem to have not been handed down to the next generation. There is, however, one way to teach people.

I firmly believe, and I’m not joking, that if someone walks onto a highway, and they get hit by a car, they will get what they deserve.

Why are we allowing people to walk in the streets and impede traffic. How insanely selfish, not to mention illegal.

Trooper Johnson should not be seeking information on the car that almost struck protesters. He should be arresting the protesters who entered I5 and blocked traffic.

Throughout the nationwide protests, there are reports from all over about people getting hit, or almost getting hit, by cars. Good. Hit them. Hit them all.

When you knowingly walk into the street, with the specific intent to disrupt traffic, you are waving all of your rights to safety. You are begging to get hit by a vehicle, and I will shed no tears for you if someone has the courage to deliver the blow.

I don’t mind protests. (Well, that’s not entirely true… I do find them annoying.) I respect the rights people have to assemble and let their voice be heard.

But there’s nowhere that it says you have the right to disrupt my life with it. Our Constitution takes a view of our rights that’s easily defined as “you have the right to swing your arms until you hit me in the nose.” Basically, our Constitution allows for consequences.

If walk out onto a freeway, expect to get hit by a car. Don’t expect the cars will stop.

Most people won’t say this out loud. That’s why the Bubbler is here. Sometimes, you just have to say the thing most people are thinking but are afraid to say.