It’s a trap! And conservatives are falling right into it.

Twitter has made themselves such a difficult and unfriendly place for conservative voices and freedom of speech that conservatives seem to have decided to pick up their ball and go home.

Or, in this case, take their voices to Parler, a relatively new alternative to Twitter.

When you read all the messages about it on Twitter, it’s spoken like a bold act of defiance. Like we’re sticking it to Twitter.

I think it’s just the opposite. I think Twitter is fine with this. They’ve been slowly driving conservatives away for year.

Think about what happens to Twitter when conservatives leave. It streamlines and becomes the voice of progressives because while the content producers may take their ideas elsewhere, the audience remains.

Now, with this move, 95% of conservative thoughts and ideas that would normally make their way through Twitter and reach, to some extent, leftists or the politically disengaged who are just lurking and observing on Twitter, will disappear.

The liberals will stay on Twitter. The socialists will stay on Twitter. And the observers will stay on Twitter. Only the conservatives will leave. They’re just going to head to Parler and talk to themselves.

Not only is this not good, but it’s arguably part of Twitter’s plan. They’re counting on those who leave not actually closing their accounts. The advertising model will largely stay intact, and the user base won’t significantly shrink (even if usage does).

Just that simple, conservatives will essentially remove themselves from yet another mainstream channel, further reducing their chances of reaching anyone.

Leaving Parler is a very bad idea. Conservatives need to stick this out and let Twitter continue to censor and warn about seemingly innocuous conservative tweets. They need to continue to selectively edit some while letting other, more favored messages, persist.

This is the only way to illustrated to people exactly what conservative thought is and what is happening to it.

You can go to Parler if you want, but conservatives have to continue to post on Twitter. We’ve already given up education and culture, we can’t lose another messaging channel.