Cultural appropriation is everywhere and unavoidable.

Everything we say, wear, and do has origins from some culture, somewhere.

Even something as basic as the English language borrows from other languages, like Latin, French, Spanish, German, and the lazy misspellings of texters all over the world.

To those who claim to be all about science and data, this is the evolution of which Darwin spoke. As the world spins on, people discover and incorporate different aspects of past and current cultures. These new uses and blends represent our evolution as a society and our increased understanding of our history.

But many work hard to find it offensive. It’s just another of the many white transgressions, as they look for motivations and intentions that were never there.

Because everything is appropriated, we’re not allowed to use it. We’re told to apologize for this, give credit for that, and constantly be explaining what we’re saying or wearing.

Those being accused are far too ready to apologize, putting everyone on edge and ratcheting up the needless fear.

Inevitably, everyone will be paralyzed with fear about saying or doing anything. Thoughts will go unexpressed, and creativity will be suppressed. Before long, we’ll all be silent, and conversation and debate will be sanitized and sterile.

Freedom of speech and expression will essentially be gone.

And I think that’s really been the goal of those who watchdog cultural appropriation all along.