LinkedIn feeds, seen by millions, have gotten increasingly political in the past few years – especially in the tech sector, and the Republican Party representation is, as always, nowhere to be found.

Political activism has always been a component of LinkedIn, whether better pay for women in the tech sector, salary transparency, their company’s climate activism, or diversity in the workforce. But when COVID hit, people started airing out their mental illness. Probably not surprising this coincided with transgender activism.

And then when the Dobbs Supreme Court decision was decided, everyone took great pride on coming out to talk about all of the abortions they’ve had. Meanwhile, a conservative point of view is nowhere to be found. (Dependent, of course, on who’s in your feed or network.)

It’s not surprising. As with most corners of our culture, conservatives (probably rightly) think that showing any sign of support for things like abortion would an absolute career killer. That post would haunt them forever and probably guarantee fewer-to-no future job offers.

Meanwhile, leftists, as they always do, just assume everyone else is also a leftist, and they feel perfectly safe saying whatever unproven, ridiculous, outrageous, thing they want taking stands on what should be some of the most controversial topics of the day.

Now, we now how conservatives work. They keep to themselves, reluctantly share any religious or political opinions, and like to stay out of other people’s business. At their own peril.

Conservatives don’t want to be activists, but this is where we are. Because they’ve allowed the left to completely take over and own the culture – our schools, entertainment, news, sports, music, and everything else – we’re at a point where they rightly fear saying anything for fear of being cancelled. It’s a real thing.

Because conservatives mostly don’t get involved in LinkedIn chatter, they also have no idea what life is like in the tech world. It’s an ecosystem unto itself. It’s also a bastion for liberalism. Not everyone in tech companies is liberal, but they all stand silently as the indoctrination goes on and on in every corner of those companies.

I recently captured a long Twitter thread from a user called Hazard that very accurately depicts what goes on in tech companies in this country. Some may scoff or roll their eyes, but I’ve witnessed nearly everything being described in my travels through San Francisco and Seattle companies. It’s absurdly real.

Conservatives need to wake up to the part of the country that inhabits tech companies. It’s a very different and separate culture. But it’s life for millions of U.S. workers.

They need to understand the indoctrination and fear in our tech company environments, and they need to start finding ways to get their message to those work forces. LinkedIn is just one way, but an excellent way, to do this.

But that would require a competent marketing department. And as I’ve always said, the GOP has the worst marketing department in the history of marketing with the greatest product (freedom) in the history of products.

What are the chances…