It’s not too uncommon to see people driving around with “Free Tibet” bumper stickers. They see Tibet as the pinnacle of peaceful existence and want it freed from Chinese takeover.

The ironic thing is that there was another country that was taken over by a far more hostile regime. The regime killed over 300,000 of it’s own people with weapons of mass destruction in the form of poison gas. The regime harbored and encouraged terrorists and routinely rounded up its people and made them “disappear.” The regime even tried to overtake neighboring countries.

Finally, one day, that regime went too far, and the United States, as it often does, intervened in a way few other countries could. With the support of the United Nations and the United States Congress, we dealt with the problem. Using the military, they stormed in, toppled the regime, and brought about a peaceful government that is working to spread democracy.

Obviously, the country was Iraq.

Most liberal politicians opposed the United States every step of the way and still do not acknowledge the sheer number of people who were freed from a brutal and oppressive dictator. This makes me wonder, if we were to use the same tactics to successfully free Tibet, what would be the reaction from those with the bumper stickers?