Public, unisex restrooms are just like your restroom at home. For men, there’s only one difference.

For men, using public restrooms is like going to an amusement park. Instead of having to lift the toilet seat and touch everything, men can walk right up to the urinal stall, not touch anything, and do their business.

But with the move to unisex restrooms, it’s a step backward for men. Now, instead of not having to touch anything, you have to lift the seat, use the toilet, and then touch the seat again to put it back down.

It’s the worst case scenario. As much as women have to touch more than they want to, at least they don’t have to touch everything with their hands.

In theory, the move to unisex public restrooms seems like a logical and positive move. But if for germ-conscious men, we’d rather just head to the parking lot and return in a few minutes…