Last night, a car service arrived at 2:30 am to pick up my neighbor from his house across the street.

The driver pulled up, honked, then backed into his driveway so his brights were facing my house and lighting up the entire bedroom.

Not satisfied with this level of thoughtlessness, he was able to improve on it by opening and slamming every door on the car and having as loud of a conversation as he could with my neighbor.

When you’ve always got one eye on being thoughtful and considerate to others, this sort of thing will drive you through the roof.

If I had been picking someone up at 2:30 am, I would have turned my lights out as I neared the house, left the car in the street, gone to the door, and started my conversation in a whisper to establish that we’re trying to be as quiet as possible to lessen the chance of waking anyone up.

Life is a lot harder to live when you try and be considerate of others – especially when fewer and fewer people seem to be reciprocating.