During this impeachment process, much has been made about President Trump’s “private conversations.”

Democrats like to talk about these private conversations as crimes, equating his alleged statements with actions. The problem is, it’s unrealistic and doesn’t hold up.

Consider everything you’ve ever said to yourself or a confidant in a private setting.

My conversations with my closest friends is where I do some of my best idea vetting. And to get to the best ideas, you have to put forth some pretty bad ones.

And in the process of putting forth some bad ones, you sometimes say some things that, out of context, would make you look pretty horrible. Especially if you’re like me, and you have a fairly dark sense of humor.

When people come out and tell us what Trump said to them behind closed doors, my first instinct is to look very skeptically about whether or not they’re telling the truth. There’s been so many people trying to get Trump for four straight years, I don’t think anyone has any credibility when it comes to the stories people tell about him.

But even if Trump has truly said the things people say he has, I give him a pass. Depending on who you’re talking to in private, you presumably feel comfortable enough to say things you may not say in public. I think you have to respect that.

You may say something for comedic effect. You may say something just to get a reaction out of someone. You may float a particularly bad trial balloon. You may say something out of character.

Hell, if I was being investigated by someone for something I knew wasn’t true, and I had the power to fire that person, you damn well bet I would talk, behind closed doors, about firing that person. Why not? I wouldn’t just talk about it, I’d consider it strongly.

People are so hellbent on believing Trump is bad, or making him look bad, that we’re way past rational thought.

If we applied some rational thought to our reaction upon hearing about his private conversations, we’d all be wondering why his private conversations weren’t staying private.

That we’re hearing about his private conversations says more about those revealing the information than it does about Trump.