Many incorrectly claim that the United States is a nation of immigrants.

People have come to this country, from all over the world – often at great risk – to pursue happiness and live in freedom. In fact, they still do today. People flood to America more than any other country in the world.

However, while our original population were immigrants, here in 2020, America has a distinct culture with majority population who were born right here in the country. The idea of Italian-Americans, Native-Americans, German-Americans, African-Americans is inappropriate and out-dated. At this point, most of us are simply Americans.

Legal immigrants come from all over with much to offer. Some of our greatest scientists, doctors and engineers were legal immigrants. At the same time, some of our greatest janitors, mechanics and landscapers did, too. That’s not intended as a joke. The point is that people of all talents and abilities come here. The one trait they tend to share is the motivation to work and make an honest living.

Because America values immigration, we went to the trouble of setting up a process through which immigrants could legally live among us – free to pursue their dreams.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet, and even hire, many legal immigrants in this country. All of them went through the process of either becoming a citizen or making whatever temporary arrangements needed to be made to live here legally.

The one thing they all have in common is that they went through our process, and none understand why we should excuse those who don’t. After all, the word “illegal” in “illegal immigrants” is there for a reason. That some even want to discuss rights for illegal immigrants baffles me. They’re here illegally.

Somehow, we’ve reached a point in this country in which those who are against illegal immigration are portrayed as racists who are against ALL immigration. That is simply untrue.

Those who are against illegal immigration see it as a double standard. Why have a process at all if only some immigrants have to go through it? Is it too much to ask that those coming to this country fill out the paperwork and go through the proper process?

Aside from the fairness of adhering to a standard procedure, there’s also the risk to national security. We are living in a time in which there are those from other countries who seek to harm America. And they’re no longer wearing the clearly marked uniform of another country.

Now they assimilate and look and dress like Americans. Without a way to document those coming across our borders, we are increasing the risk that those who intend to harm us make it across with absolutely no record of their arrival. This just adds one more obstacle to the challenge of finding those who plot against us and bring them to justice.

Economically, illegal immigrants harm many Americans by taking jobs that are meant for legal residents only. Yes, individuals and companies who hire and pay illegals are equally at fault. But were we more diligent in enforcing the existing laws against illegal immigration, there would be more pressure on employers to hire legally. Instead, they are using the current climate, in which we all fear being labeled racists, to their advantage.

If we enforced our current immigration laws, most illegal immigrants would also willfully go back to their country of origin. If dodging the police were truly a deterrent, it would no longer be worth the effort to be here.

Those who argue in favor of illegal immigrants are unknowingly standing up for exploitation. Because they’re here illegally, illegal immigrants will take jobs for less than minimum wage and they will work longer hours. This allows United States companies and employers to take advantage of them and make them work those hours for less money. Aside from depressing salaries across the board for all workers, it also borders on what some would call human rights violations. (After all, isn’t this why we unionized way back when?)

Enforcing existing laws is the solution for illegal immigration. Many see securing the border as somehow being anti-immigration. But securing borders doesn’t mean not letting anyone in. It simply means keeping track of who’s entering the country – be they citizen or immigrant.

There is no racist motivation to keeping track of who’s coming in – especially during a time of war.

Possibly the worst outcome of charging those who oppose illegal immigration with being racist is that it makes society, as a whole, bend over backwards to make sure they’re not being labeled as racists. In doing this, we end up turning a blind eye toward signs of obvious illegal activity – all in the name of illustrating we’re not racist.

When you see rallies against the racism of being anti-immigration, ask yourself what are those people supporting? The opposite of being anti-illegal immigration is being pro-illegal immigration. If there’s no process for integration of immigrants, then why keep records of anyone?

The fact is that we are all asked for our papers all the time. We show driver’s licenses or passports when we fly, use our credit cards, open bank accounts and start working. All legal Americans do that every day. Why is it such a burden to ask that of illegal immigrants?

Illegal immigration protests could possibly garner a shred more of support if they weren’t flying Mexican flags at them. If people are going to immigrate to the United States, it’s not too much to insist that they assimilate to American culture. If they were flying American flags and illustrating their love for the country to which they’re trying to immigrate, people might be more willing to discuss solutions like amnesty.

Many have an issue with creating rules like one insisting immigrants learn to speak English – the language spoken in America. Contrary to the beliefs of some who are proponents of multiculturalism, the United States has its own culture, and it must be maintained by anyone to whom we’re going to grant citizenship.

This subject seems like one of the simplest that faces this country. We have a process for legal immigration and securing our borders. Simply follow the policy and deport anyone we find who refuses to go through the process. The laws that govern immigration are all on the books. It says right there in the phrase “illegal immigrants” that they’re here illegally. Simply enforce them and all shall be well.