Our town is having a fairly small, but still lively, debate on whether or not we should be flying a Pride flag at our town hall.

I couldn’t help but think of how many flagpoles we’re eventually going to need to fly everyone’s flag.

We’re going to need flags for gays, straights, transgenders, men, women, blacks, asians, Indians (both American and those from India), whites, hispanics, conservatives, liberals, Catholics, atheists, agnostics, jews, nerds, brains, geeks, athletes, tall people, short people… (and the list goes on).

Then I was thinking, wouldn’t it be easier if we just had one flag for everyone. Then we could fly it all the time, on one pole, and everyone could feel good about it.

Picture a flag with a bunch of stars on it. One star for every random group you could think of. White stars. Probably around 50 (give or take). Perhaps on a blue background, just to make them pop.

We could move the star area to the upper left, so every group gets prominence. The rest of the flag could have horizontal stripes. There would be a stripe for each individual group there was when the country was founded. Before we made up all of the other groups who needed to feel special.

There’s probably 13 of these: men, women, blacks, whites, Indians, Christians, atheists, adults, children, immigrants, born on the continent, Founding Fathers, everyone else. The stripes could be red and white (again, the white stripes would really make those stars sparkle).

With one flag, we could all celebrate the things that unify us, and forget the diversity that separates us. As we live in the United States of America, and the “United States of America flag” takes too long to say, we’ll just call it the American flag.

I’m thinking it’ll look something like this…