Is it me, or are all of the personal online account security questions we’re answering, in the name of further account security and protection, actually just providing even more detailed, personal information to the hackers who inevitably break into and steal our account information?

It seems like now people will know my mother’s maiden name, my first concert, my first car, my third grade teacher, my shoe size, my pet’s name, etc. That information makes it much easier to pose as me than just the surface information.

Seems like the intent to make things more secure is just going to make it worse.

While we’re on the subject, if you’re writing security questions, please make the answers matters of fact. Favorite television show, favorite teacher, or questions with vague or ever-changing answers like that make for horrible questions because the answer can vary so much.

Who knows, two years later, what you wrote for favorite color, as an answer to a security question…?