Democrats are always clear and deliberate in their branding of conservatives. They know all Democrats will loyally follow the marching orders, the media and pop culture will dutifully follow suit, and conservatives will never effectively defend themselves. And so whatever Democrats decide to tell Americans about who conservatives are will stick.

For example, Democrats made it a strategy in 2015 to brand all conservatives as white supremacists to dehumanize them and help justify their cancellation from society. The other half of the marketing plan didn’t really develop until midway through President Trump’s term, and that was to not only define conservatives as white supremacists, but also crazy conspiracy theorists.

Traditionally, conspiracy theorists are looney toons with tinfoil hats who think birds are really government-made robots that are watching us, we never landed on the moon, Jim Morrison is living with Hitler, and chips don’t actually “settle” in bags during shipping. At least, that’s the stereotype.

So if Democrats can convince you that conservatives are not only white supremacists, but also lunatics – a dangerous combination, to be sure – and they have the foundational infrastructure to get traction, you can bet they’ll take the opportunity.

And, of course, who better to try and convince everyone that conspiracy theorists are lunatics than the people behind the conspiracy? Diabolical.

Obviously there wasn’t a conspiracy to remove President Trump and take over the government. Consider:

  • The media embarked on a crusade that started by poking fun at Donald Trump… until they had to take him seriously. Then they transitioned to an active and aggressive 24/7, wall-to-wall mission to destroy him. It wasn’t just refusing to report his accomplishments, but personal attacks on his integrity, fact-checking with malice his every utterance, unearthing mystery anonymous sources to serve as the foundation of fictional, negative stories, lying about him, exaggerating the worst-case scenarios of every policy suggestion, and accusing him of things he clearly did not do.
  • The FBI, by orders from Obama, Biden, and Hillary Clinton, began spying on the Trump campaign and initiated the Russian collusion hoax that has, through document releases and some real journalist work, proven to be not only a fabrication, but in fact nearly identical to what Hillary actually did during her run.
  • Congress allowed Robert Mueller to assemble a team of former Clinton family loyalists to investigate Trump for nearly three years – yielding no evidence.
  • Current and former intelligence community members flooded the airwaves with claims that they had ironclad proof of Trump’s collusion – even though they all testified, under oath, that they had seen no evidence.
  • Professional government bureaucrats from all corners of the government spent the last four years leaking their opinions as damning hard evidence that Trump was corrupt, breaking the law, and not qualified to do the job.
  • The press created myths about Trump – like the “Fine people” hoax, the Obama-initiated “children in cages” lie, and the “losers and suckers” hoax – that were easily proven lies and then relentlessly hammered them home as fact until election day.
  • Democrats filed dozens of lawsuits in key swing states arguing for the state to change the rules, in defiance of our Constitution by going around the state legislatures, to enable insecure, unverified, and unsolicited mail-in balloting for the general election. And while courts enabled them to do it, no court would take up the case to retroactively correct it.
  • Trump has a conversation with the new President of the Ukraine and inquires about the very incident of political influence that Joe Biden bragged about months earlier, and the media and Democrats work together to mischaracterize is and abuse their power to impeach him.
  • Our largest and most used, prominent, and influential tech companies, like Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook, along with some of our most profitable corporations, find ways to make it difficult, if not impossible, for conservatives to coordinate, share messaging, get the word out, fundraise, or communicate with each other, their base, and the country, in general.
  • China, whether on purpose or by accident, releases a virus on the world that leads to our top government medical experts advocating a two-week shut down of our economy. Democrats go all in on fear-mongering, shutting down the economy in their states, belittling the Trump administrations efforts to manage the pandemic, and spreading a constant stream of misinformation about coronavirus, testing, fatalities, therapeutics, and the inevitable vaccine. More media-created hoaxes like the danger of hydroxychloroquine and the bleach injection lie.
  • The media, Democrats, and cultural icons spent four years constantly and hysterically whining, moaning, complaining, and warning of the dangers of Trump – imposing their bitterness, hostility, and tension on the entire country so they could make the argument that Trump is creating this terrible atmosphere and tearing us apart. Only removing him would remove the tension and allow us to collectively relax again. It was Trump’s fault they were all so mad they had to sustain a four-year tantrum that could only be stopped with an election loss.
  • Arguably the greatest economy in the history of the United States, featuring record low unemployment for minorities and women, stock market records, energy independence, and a return of many in the armed forces, is destroyed as millions lose their jobs because of lockdowns initiated by Democrat governors (and some Republicans, to be fair) and recommended by Democrat leadership, who then turn around and make the ridiculous claim that Trump destroyed our economy.
  • Pop culture and entertainment icons go all in, incorporating anti-Trump messages in nearly everything they do. They then seize on the George Floyd death to exaggerate police brutality, leading to the riots, deaths, and destruction of a six month series of “peaceful protests.” Trump is deemed a white supremacist by expressing his desire for law and order amidst the chaos.
  • Finally, credible evidence of voter fraud is found, whisking a candidate who did not campaign and never drew a crowd of more than 12 into the White House with a record number of voters, despite winning nearly 400 fewer counties than Obama, losing Florida, Ohio, and Iowa, losing seats in the House, and winning one, to Trump’s 18, bellwether counties. No court in the country allows a presentation of evidence.

It’s quite a run of remarkably bad luck for President Trump, wouldn’t you say? The problem is, not all of it can be written off as bad luck. The actions of the media and Democrats was quite deliberate and well-coordinated, so everything they drove was intentional.

One of the most difficult aspects of a conspiracy is the idea that it would be nearly impossible to coordinate and organize the number of people required to make all of this happen. Especially without at least someone down the line spilling the beans.

Fortunately, it’s easier for Democrats because their acolytes and base move in unquestioning solidarity and loyalty. I’ve marveled for years at how easily and swiftly the Democrat leadership determines and coordinates their messaging, and how rarely any Democrat in the party, media, or culture deviates from the message.

Here’s a mental exercise: Assume you are a Democrat, and you actually want to conspire on a massive effort to change the course of the country. What names would be critical to the effort, and how few would it take to pull it off. (To make it challenging, you don’t get to include George Soros.)

I think, between Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, you have enough gas there that you could formulate any plan you want and execute it nearly flawlessly. Between this crew, you have access to anyone in the world and can generate all of the funds you’d ever need.

You know they can take the media for granted. All they’d have to do is write the press release, and the media would report it word-for-word (which is why’s it’s so easy for Rush Limbaugh to assemble countless montages of various media and culture figures all using the same words.

Another convenient trait of a conspiracy is that they’re nearly impossible to prove. The fewer people involved, the harder it is to find evidence or paper trails. It’s much like how Marvel Studios keeps spoilers from fans before their films are released. You chunk it out and only give people the information they need to know to execute their part. This way, no one has a holistic view of the intiative.

But hey, conspiracies are ridiculous fiction. There’s no evidence to suggest any of the bullets above happened, or were coordinated. Or is there?

Since Joe Biden was inaugurated, and it was assured Trump wouldn’t figure out a way to take back the election:

  • The governors and mayors of Democrat states and cities have started reopening their economies.
  • WHO changed their COVID testing definitions because their previous recommendations were yielding way too many false positive, artificially raising the case and death counts.
  • Studies revealed that hydroxychloroquine actually is a solid therapeutic for COVID.
  • Amazon suddenly realizes they could really be helpful in distributing the vaccine.
  • Biden walks the Lincoln Memorial maskless not 24 hours after signing his mask mandate into law.
  • Biden talks about how we could reach herd immunity, a concept deemed ridiculous and impossible just months earlier, by Summer.
  • The media wakes up and starts covering lockdown protests and the damage they’ve done to people, declaring them a potentially destructive and useless measure against the virus.
  • Elected officials have suddenly determined that riots, violence, and destruction of our cities and federal land is a bad thing that must be meant with military and police force.
  • The Biden team suggests they must get us back to the pre-COVID Trump economic success.
  • Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies announce their vaccines days after the election.
  • The COVID counter starts disappearing from websites like CNN.
  • The war on conservative free speech accelerates as they are deplatformed or censored from major social media platforms, so they move to Parler, which Amazon simply decides to remove from its web servers in the blink of an eye.
  • Retail distributors begin refusing to sell products made by companies with conservative leadership, as cancel culture finds a safe space in a Democrat administration.

The fact is, we’ll probably never know if there was a conspiracy, or to what degree, but the alignment of these stars cannot be denied. It was either a perfect storm of bad fortune for Donald Trump, or there was a plan, and it was damn well executed. But it sure is impressive just how much had to happen to get rid of Trump.

Reading through the very partial list of harmonic convergences above, what would a rational person conclude?

Answer: It doesn’t matter, because conspiracy theorists are conservative, and conservatives are crazy. Right?