There are conservatives, and there are leftists.

Most conservatives vote, in vain, for Republicans. Some vote for Democrats because they figure they’re not racist or homophobic, so they must not be Republicans. They’re less informed, but live their live as a conservative (unbeknownst to themselves).

Leftists all vote, in lock step, for the Democrat candidate. Some believe in America, but the rest are trying to fundamentally change the country.

There are no moderates. There’s just voters who’ve opted out or aren’t paying attention. These are the people who believe politicians are corrupt, the system is rigged, their vote doesn’t matter, or they just simply aren’t interested.

One of President Trump’s most important successes was attracting voters who’ve otherwise opted out. He made them important again and invited them to be part of the process.

The Democrats will not attract these people because they’re busy making fun of them, destroying their jobs, and canceling them from culture.

Republicans will not attract these people because they’ve never given any indication that they care about them or will fight for them.

What happens to them will depend largely on what President Trump decides to do, but also if either a third party forms or somehow, the Republican Party can completely remake itself in the next six months.

To do that, the Republicans will need to go on offense starting right now. They need to start labeling the Democrats what they are and be constantly steps ahead of them. They need to brand the Democrats to Americans. They need to associate the Democrats with all the damage they have been doing and will accelerate in the next few months.

For the past 30 years, the Republican Party has proven itself not even remotely interested in attempting to be up to the task.

What’s the old saying? “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me 7,324,623,023,234 times, shame on you?”

It’ll be interesting to see what conservatives learned from the past four years.