We keep hearing about systemic racism, but how were the founders, and all of the legislators who have come and gone since then, so clever as to create a system that holds down black people, specifically, while allowing every other race and gender to thrive?

If you go back the last 100 years or United States history, there has been an influx of asians, Indians (people from India), hispanics, Italians, Irish, Germans, Muslims, Jews, and the list goes on, including people from countries all over the world.

In nearly every case, you see people who, demographically speaking, live productive, happy lives. As much as the Democrat Party likes to label every demographic group they can find as victims, they just don’t spend too much time on any of those in the list above.

With all of these ethnicities and religions coming to this country, you’d think the racism and bigotry would be running rampant. Yet, look at the stereotypes (if not the government statistics).

You don’t see much in the media, and certainly not people in the streets, raising awareness and insisting on a solution for systemic racism against asians or Indian people. You don’t see much complaining about hispanics. In fact, both political parties are trying, to various degrees, to get more hispanics in the country.

There are many races (which are all subordinate to the human race): whites, blacks, hispanics, asians (a generalization for all of the specific asian ethnicities, like Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Hmong, Laotian, etc.), Indian, Inuit, and many others. So why is it there’s only racism against black people?

How did we get here? What is it about blacks that stirs up such seeming hatred?

Black people make significant and ubiquitous contributions to our culture, not unlike any of the other aforementioned ethnicities. Black people are making popular contributions in music, television, literature, art, sports, politics, and theater.

Yet, at the same time, to many, the thought of a poor urban area is synonymous with black people. When one thinks of inner city crime and murder, one often associates those ideas with poor black males. When one thinks of failing schools and boarded up neighborhoods, one often associates those things with predominantly black neighborhoods.

Why? Why don’t we concern ourselves with other ethnicities? What makes blacks stand out from the others?

In short, why is there only black racism? How is it that all these racist white people only hate black people, but have no issues with other races?

Whites sure are a selective and peculiar bunch of racists, aren’t they? You might say, they’re quite discriminating in their racism…