As companies fall all over themselves to let black people know their money is still good here, I can’t help but think about LBGTQSEIODPPWEIDKSGL money.

It is, after all, Pride month. This is the month we’ve all dedicated to the gay community to let them know that companies and businesses will accept their money and patronage.

But they’re being overshadowed by the Black Lives Matter protests. And I guess all is as it should be. Police officers just don’t have a record of indiscriminately killing gay people. Certainly not the record they have killing black and white people. (More than two dozen in the last year alone.)

I guess this is what corporate fear looks like. None of these companies can be bothered to do a little research to find out what the communist Black Lives Matter organization is really about. They just heap millions upon millions of dollars upon BLM, who will use that money to encourage more unrest, pay for more protester bail, and fund the attempted overthrow of the American system of government.

(That would be the same system that enabled companies the freedom to market and produce their goods and make so much money that they can afford the extortion costs demanded of them from BLM.)

This is not unlike the union racket that serves the Democrat Party. Like BLM, in which corporate money goes to the organization, which goes right to Democrat candidates, unions also collect dues that are funneled right to the Democrat Party to elect more Democrats (who are supposed to be for the kinds of workers rights that would lead to the elimination of unions).

As corporations do with every other leftist cause (gay pride, transgender bathrooms, environmentalism, racism, #metoo, etc), they all race to be the first to let these people know their money will be accepted. This one’s no different.

The very same people who tell us corporations are not people now demand that corporations take a stand and show their allegiance to the mob, lest they be blackmailed and boycotted out of profits.

If I were running a corporate marketing department, I would go the other way. I would be the first to say we respect and honor all people and refuse to fund Black Lives Matter because they are a communist organization attempting to fundamentally change the country.

What people don’t realize is that the patronage that company would get by Americans who believe in this country would far outweigh the money being made by leftist groups.

(Of course, if you believe that not everything has to be political, you’d probably rightly stay out of it and just do your best to provide a great customer experience for your product – to anyone who wants to try it.)