Coming from the Midwest, running in the Pacific Northwest has always been a frustrating experience.

Running in Seattle, I’m always amazed at how lockstep the entire population is in not budging an inch in their cars when passing me when I’m running.

There are no sidewalks where I run, so if I want to stay on the road, I have very little room to work with that isn’t into the driving lane.

Yet I’m constantly amazed at how every driver who passes refuses to give me an inch. They all stay in their lane.

I was reminded of this recently when running in the Midwest. Literally every single car that drove by me moved entirely into the other lane to give me space.

This is the kind of courtesy one experiences in the Midwest, and, conversely, the militant “obey-the-rules-at-all-costs” selfishness that one might find in the Pacific Northwest.

(Generally speaking, of course…)

When you’re driving near a biker or runner, always give them some space. It’s the safe and thoughtful thing to do, and it’ll make them more comfortable.