black racism

Black identity: a complicated mess

Let me see if I have this straight: Black people who engage in the capitalist system and wind up successful, especially if they’re known conservatives, are often mocked and considered sell outs to the black community. Many in the popular, liberal black community will call them things like “Uncle Tom” or accuse them of being a “house n-gg-r.” Instead of celebrating their success and using their stories to inspire others, black liberals mock them to the black community. But black people who are successful, and maybe even cultural icons, are OK as long as they’re down for the struggle…

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Why is there only black racism?

We keep hearing about systemic racism, but how were the founders, and all of the legislators who have come and gone since then, so clever as to create a system that holds down black people, specifically, while allowing every other race and gender to thrive? If you go back the last 100 years or United States history, there has been an influx of asians, Indians (people from India), hispanics, Italians, Irish, Germans, Muslims, Jews, and the list goes on, including people from countries all over the world. In nearly every case, you see people who, demographically speaking, live productive,…

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