Let me see if I have this straight:

Black people who engage in the capitalist system and wind up successful, especially if they’re known conservatives, are often mocked and considered sell outs to the black community. Many in the popular, liberal black community will call them things like “Uncle Tom” or accuse them of being a “house n-gg-r.” Instead of celebrating their success and using their stories to inspire others, black liberals mock them to the black community.

But black people who are successful, and maybe even cultural icons, are OK as long as they’re down for the struggle and worship at the liberal temple.

Meanwhile, white conservatives embrace and welcome black conservatives. They’re largely proud of their accomplishments and supportive of their work.

My question? How can this be, if whites are racist? How can white people – especially white conservatives – be accepting of any black people if they’re racist? Racism is judging people solely by the color of their skin. It’s holding onto and believing stereotypes because of their skin color.

Liberals would argue that as long as a black person doesn’t pose a threat, white people are OK with them. But isn’t that true of everyone?

I’m much more likely to connect with someone who sees things similarly to me than someone with the opposite world view. While I certainly have friends who are liberals (and even socialists), I relate on a different level with those who share the same fundamental beliefs and morals as myself.

So why wouldn’t this be the case with black conservatives and white conservatives. Black people who are conservative are not selling anyone or anything out. They’re being true to their core beliefs and ignoring the peer pressure in the black community to support liberalism.

Because, when you boil it all down, all this talk about white racism is lazy thinking. Generally speaking, we don’t have a widespread race issue. We have a widespread ideology issue.

Thanks to decades of Democrats defining the Republican Party, with no opposition from Republicans, as people who are racist bigots and homophobic sexists who hate kids and senior citizens, it’s clear why so many liberals think so violently about conservatives.

And this explains the real problem with black conservatives. It’s not the black part that anyone’s worried about. The mocking insults that black conservatives endure is because of their ideology.

In 2020, it’s worse to be a conservative than a black person, but if you’re both, you are on the bottom of the societal totem pole (except to other conservatives).

I know that sounds hysterical, hyperbolic, or out of touch. But companies all over the country are bending over backwards with their diversity and inclusion departments to make sure they’re hiring black people. Colleges are searching far and wide for black students.

But if you mention that you’re conservative on a college campus, you’ll be violating their safe spaces. If a prospective employer hears you’re conservative, that could easily cost you a job.

Sure, there’s a “now you know how it feels” aspect to it. But that doesn’t solve the problem. There are many reasons people do or don’t get a job, and politics and skin color are two reasons that should not be among them.

What do you think cancel culture is all about? It’s an entire movement dedicated to eliminating anyone who’s ever said anything that could potentially be offensive to anyone. There is no grace. There’s no forgiveness. One slip up, and you’re out.

It’s getting very complicated to be black in America, but that’s only because we’re making it that way. We should celebrate successful people and encourage others to follow the path. At the same time, we should discourage criminals and not make heroes out of them.

In the end, we’ll know when we’re successful because we won’t be talking about black people or white people (or asians or hispanics). We’ll just be talking about people.

That should make it all a whole lot simpler.