I’ve written a fair amount about the propensity of the black community tear down successful blacks if they appear at all conservative.

Many would rather tear down and mock a successful black person, if they’re conservatives, than build them up as an example of what’s possible for every member of the black community.

Based on behavior like this, and voting records, which often shows more than 90% black support for any Democrat candidate, you’d think black was the only skin color on the earth that comes with it’s own ideology.

Obviously, it’s not that simple. For decades, Democrats have taken the black vote for granted while paying lip service to solving all the racism and discrimination keeping them down.

During those same decades, the Republican Party, with the worst marketing organization in the history of marketing, hasn’t lifted one finger to tell it’s story of freedom and equality. They’ve done nothing to talk about how their party was started solely to end slavery. They spend no time talking about their history of support for black freedom and equality.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party has so effectively demonized Republicans as racist, without so much as a peep from Republicans, that even the black community thinks it’s so bad if a successful black person is conservative that they’d rather tell their children it’s better to be poor and miserable than to engage in capitalism and make something of yourself.

But it’s not just the tearing down of successful potential role models. It’s compounded by the lionization of black criminals who’ve been brutalized or killed because they resisted arrest and didn’t cooperate with the police.

They’d rather make a hero out of George Floyd, who was a literal one-in-a-million example of a black person dying at the hands of the police (nevermind the various fentanyl and COVID ravaging his system), who’s background includes holding a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman who’s home he just invaded, than Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who rose from nothing to earn a spot on the highest court in the land.

This type of characterization does nothing but hold back generations of black kids who learn that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of the mockery and insults by siding with freedom and liberty as a conservative.

And so, the dance continues as the black community continues to support the Democrat Party, the exact historically racist party who’s worked to keep them down for 150 years.

Only, if I’m not mistaken, it appears some may be waking up…

On November 3rd, we will see.