January 2022

Underestimating the overestimation

I’ve seen enough of leftists arguing with conservatives on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and comment sections of conservative websites to have seen a very distinct pattern. Leftists routinely don’t give conservatives enough credit. The constantly underestimate them and, therefore, quickly stoop to name-calling and ridicule instead of taking the arguments seriously and addressing the counterpoints. Many conservatives will tell you it’s because leftists can’t win on the merits. That’s probably true, although I’ve debated with a few leftists who could hold their own and didn’t resort to such tactics. But I believe it’s because most leftists enter the conversation…

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Lack of aspiration

Nearly two years ago, I wrote about how Obama ushered in the age of reality leadership. Reality leadership is accepting what is and then impressing upon people that it’s the best we can do. Sometimes it’s the “new normal.” Other times, it’s “sacrificing” or “considering others.” Leftists were all impressed with Obama because he would “tell it like it is.” He wouldn’t sugar coat or talk about things that aren’t true. He would analyze the worst in every situation, tell us what was really going on, and then go on to accept it. I thought of this post when…

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Happy 2022

2021 was an amazing year for the sheer amount of horrible that went on. In comparing notes with others, I believe I won for the worst 2021 of all. (Hardly a contest I’m proud to win…) But that’s all behind us, and the time to look forward is always now. Last June, I stopped writing here regularly to focus on my new book. It’s just about finished and undergoing the fine tooth comb of an amazing editor, as we speak. Likewise, our crack design team is putting the finishing touches on the cover. Last year, we said we’d publish…

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