2021 was an amazing year for the sheer amount of horrible that went on. In comparing notes with others, I believe I won for the worst 2021 of all. (Hardly a contest I’m proud to win…)

But that’s all behind us, and the time to look forward is always now.

Last June, I stopped writing here regularly to focus on my new book. It’s just about finished and undergoing the fine tooth comb of an amazing editor, as we speak. Likewise, our crack design team is putting the finishing touches on the cover.

Last year, we said we’d publish a book, and we just about made it. We also said we’d be podcasting, but given all of the events of 2021 (lawsuits, major surgery, deaths in the family, etc), we fell a bit behind.

This year will feature not only this new book, but hopefully, at least two more. We’re also still going to pursue podcasting, as well as a new job, a major move to the Midwest, and more writing.

Sometimes, you have to tear down to build back up, and I hope last year’s work can be used to set up a very successful and exciting 2022.

Happy new year, all.