As I wrote a few days ago, this is the year when nothing means anything and everything means nothing.

Up is down.

Black is white.

Big is small.

The Democrat Party has decided this is the year in which they convince you not to believe your own eyes and ears. That rioting? Those are peaceful protests. Going to church is a COVID super spreader event, but the virus knows no protests.

Today, Joe Biden just tweeted the following: “I’ll be a president for all Americans. Not just the ones who vote for me.”

This from the man who leads a party full of followers who have spent the last four years telling us Donald Trump is not their President.

It’s getting so every day you question your own sanity. Does anyone know what they think they know anymore?

Every four years, we elect a President. And that person is the President of the United States, whether you voted for them or not.

But for the past four years, Democrats have been aggressively telling us President Trump is not their President. We started seeing the #resist movement before Inauguration Day.

Now, implying that somehow President Trump has no interest in being President of the entire country, Joe Biden assures us that he’ll be the President of all Americans.

This is like when you tell someone who’s calm to “relax,” and the first thing they do is blow up and tell you, “I am relaxed!”

The 2020 election is going to be fascinating as hell because we’re finally going to find out if people are trusting what they’re seeing or buying the lies they’re told. That what they’re seeing is fantasy.

America in 2020: The greatest show on earth.