Where did this idea of “black lives matter” or “all lives matter” begin? Who would even think to say it.

One of the foundational elements of America is that life is precious. We have an entire Constitution devoted to the idea that each individual only gets one life and they should be free to pursue their dreams with as little restriction as possible (usually defined by when one’s pursuit interferes with another).

Life is taken for granted in this country. It’s one of our bedrocks. Life is important and precious, and it’s a tragedy every time a life is unnecessarily lost.

These are conservative ideals, and explains why so many conservatives, when confronted with the statement “black lives matter” instinctively respond with “all lives matter.”

Because to a conservative, calling out any one group and saying their lives matter is placing them above everyone else. To a conservative, it’s a form of racism. More generally, it’s a form of identity politics that repulses so many.

To elevate one group over others, by it’s very nature, minimizes the others.

But in this age of doublespeak, saying “all lives matter” is considered racist, when in reality, it actively equates black lives with all lives. And isn’t the really the end goal, or the point?