The problem with the reactions to the unnecessary death of George Floyd is that everyone is desperately seeking someone to protest.

Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for this country, this country is pretty unanimous in its reaction: It was completely unnecessary, and justice must be served.

Everyone, conservatives, liberals, men, women, blacks, whites… everyone agrees that what happened was wrong and justice must be done.

Now, cooler heads will stop and mention due process and allowing all of the information to come in. But even they will agree, right now, that what they saw on video was completely wrong. Whatever George Floyd did or didn’t do, he did not deserve to lose his life.

There does seem to be a subtle attempt to pin this on conservatives, but even that isn’t sticking as much as it usually does.

You have Democrats to thank for people automatically blaming conservatives. Every chance they’ve gotten on every subject imaginable over the past generation, Democrats have told anyone who would listen that conservatives are racists who want black people dead. Conservatives, they’ve told us, hate black people.

The media has carried their water and gotten this message out to the masses on a nearly daily basis.

And thanks to the Republican Party’s marketing department, the worst marketing department in the history of marketing, they’ve never done one thing to refute it, deny it, or explain why it is, in fact, the exact opposite: Republicans have been on the right side of black history at nearly every turn.

There are very few people in the United States who don’t see this incident with George Floyd for what it is, and few who don’t want justice.

I know this is frustrating for those who want to take the usual route of blaming conservatives, but it’s just not the case. There’s only up to four people to blame, and that’s the officer who killed him and the three who let him.