Two years ago today, I set off to write a daily blog. It’s called The Bubbler.

I chose The Bubbler because, like one does around a water fountain, I wanted to get people talking and thinking with a point of view different from what you find in conventional media (or even conventional wisdom).

On this day, I want to thank you all of you who’ve read and shared The Bubbler with friends and family (or maybe even people you disagree with, just to make a point…)

For years, I’ve heard people tell me my take on things is unlike any they’d heard before.

So I decided, I’d share.

This is not a money-making thing. I’m not trying to build a media empire. (Though, I must confess, doing this for a living would be pretty great.)

My goal remains the same. Hopefully, when you read a Bubbler article, it gives you something to think about. You may not always agree. That’s fine. I just hope it gives you another perspective.

I’ve had a few stops and starts along the way, but we’re now on a writing streak of 10 straight months, and hopefully, you’ll continue to get a daily dose.

Thank you for tuning in. I hope the next year is better than the last two.