For four years, we’ve had to hear nearly every reporter, media pundit, political strategist, and politician weigh in on President Trump’s Twitter behavior.

Most have, in some way, be it heavy-handed or implied, wished he hadn’t said one thing or another, or just would stop altogether. Especially the media.

When Trump tweets, he does it to bypass the media and directly reach those who choose to follow him. He does this because he can speak unfiltered, without someone in the Democrat/Media Party telling you what he was really saying.

If the media would just let him tweet without saying anything, most people wouldn’t even know he tweeted, much less what he said.

But instead, the media feels compelled to publicize every tweet they feel they can use to make some news. By doing this, they’re giving far more exposure to what Trump is saying than if they left it alone.

Perhaps that’s the point. They believe by presenting his tweets, they can twist the message and control the response. But this works to his advantage, because one of his goals it to get people discussing whatever subjects he highlights in his tweets. In short, he wants people to discuss those things, and the media plays right along.

It’s stunning to watch the media play right into Trump’s hands, all the while claiming what a stupid dolt he is.

Could be time to invest in a mirror.