I was doing a little research on Jello Biafra, the frontman for the punk group, Dead Kennedys, and I came across a quote that I think is all too typical these days.

During one of his political runs, Biafra was quoted as saying, “I’m very pro tax, if it goes for the right things.”

Unfortunately, this mindset is growing in the United States: this idea that one person can or should decide what’s right for everyone, and there’s no debate to be had.

What Biafra, and people like him, are essentially saying is that most people are too stupid or uneducated to make decisions for themselves or do the right thing, so they need people like Jello Biafra to tell them what is right.

Stop and consider that for a second: Jello Biafra is going to tell you what is the right thing to do with your money. That sounds appropriate…