Not only is wearing masks not foolproof, but they don’t appear to make that much difference at all. If you look at states and countries with strict mask mandates versus those without, there’s not only little difference, but states like Florida have lower COVID mortality and case rates.

However, that doesn’t stop some people from believing that masks are critical to saving the Republic, and we all need to wear one no matter where we are.

This is causing all sorts of turmoil, bitterness, and tension within our own communities at a time which is already fraught with political tension and out of work families.

But it doesn’t have to. As with many things, freedom is the best answer we have. There’s nothing you can do to give yourself 100% protection if you’re planning on ever leaving your house. You simply can’t control nature.

If people took care of themselves and stopped worrying things they can’t control, like what everyone else is doing, and took the precautions they thought necessary, we’d be able to work together much better.

Some people don’t want to wear a mask. If you are one who wants masks worn, wear one yourself and keep your distance from those who don’t. It’s a pretty simple formula.

Keeping space between yourself and others is something most people like to do, anyway. If it’s a key ingredient in reducing exposure, and you’re already wearing a mask, the chances are you’re doing pretty good.

Personally, I have no interest in wearing a mask anywhere. I do if businesses require out of respect for their business. But I’m not worried about getting COVID, and I’m not willing to change my life for it, either.

If you aren’t comfortable around people who aren’t wearing a mask, don’t go near them. If you’re not comfortable going into work, stay in your home. I have all the respect in the world for anyone who’s scared and wants to shelter. I just wish they could respect my desire to live life as it should be lived – without fear.