There’s two ways to dole out charity:

Lower taxes so people can keep more of their own money. Then let those people give some of their money (and time) to the charity they choose to support. That charity, which usually knows best how to spend that money, will make sure to get the most for that dollar, or..

Allow the government to forcefully take as much money from people as they decide is right so they can redistribute that money to the people they decide need it most, while tying up a greater percentage of every dollar in the costs of administering the money.

When people have more money, they give more money. When taxes are lower, and the economy is doing well (both of which usually happen at the same time), charitable giving is greater.

When people voluntarily give their money, more of each dollar goes to those in need, the giver gets to select the charity and the charity usually receives more money.

Conservatives believe the free market is the best way to not only build an economy, but to give charitably to those in need. Let people keep more of their money and give to the charities they want, and it will all run more efficiently than relying on the government.

When it comes to charitable giving, it’s not just about the efficiency. Conservatives also value the freedom to determine who gets their charitable dollars.

When the government takes your money, they will fund whatever they want… with your money. The most egregious and controversial example is Planned Parenthood. The government gives your tax dollars to Planned Parenthood to fund abortions.

Regardless of your view on abortion, it’s a very polarizing procedure, and for the government to decide to funnel your money toward abortion can be a highly charged decision.

Were it left up to us to decide, those who want to fund Planned Parenthood would be welcome to do so, and those who don’t can give their money elsewhere… or keep it.

Passionate and motivated people can and will do a lot more than a dispassionate government. It should be up to everyone to determine what they’re going to do with their money.

And if some causes don’t get the support they need, perhaps people simply don’t think they’re that important.