November 3rd gives us milestone date to point to when discussing the 2020 stolen presidential election. But the truth is, this election was stolen way before election day.

The character assassination of President Trump started as soon as it started looking like he may win the Republican nomination. If it were just Democrat politicians, we could overlook it. The opposition’s political leadership is expected to weaken the other side’s leadership.

But it came from everywhere, and nearly all of it was dishonest or misleading without any grace or benefit of the doubt.

The election was stolen when talks of impeaching President Trump began before he was inaugurated.

It was stolen when the fake Russian collusion story was introduced by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.

It was stolen when the press picked up the story, without any curiosity as to its veracity, and ran with it on a 24/7 news cycle for the next four years.

It was stolen when celebrities started speaking out violently against President Trump and threatening or wishing him harm.

It was stolen when the Republican Party, which controlled both houses of Congress, refused to cooperate with Trump’s conservative agenda and didn’t support him on everything from remaking the health care system to building the wall.

It was stolen when the deep state came to life and started thwarting Trump’s agenda through backdoor bureaucratic channels and constant leaks to the press.

It was stolen from every random court that could be found in America to overturn every executive order he signed.

It was stolen when the conservative intelligentsia, or NeverTrumpers, decided it was offended by Trump, who was working to enact everything they had been suggesting for years, and not only turned their backs on him, but actively worked to undermine him and his supporters.

It was stolen when professional athletes, upset by Trump speaking out against kneeling for the national anthem, started actively speaking out against him to their fan bases.

It was stolen when Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia collusion investigations and let there be a partisan witch hunt special council investigation lead by 13 Hillary Clinton loyalists with no opposition.

It was stolen when the Republican Party paid lip service to “getting to the bottom of the Russia collusion” hoax without ever actually lifting a finger to get to the bottom of it.

It was stolen when the Russia collusion investigation, which yielded no evidence, was allowed to run more than two years, through the mid-term elections, when half of the country was still under the impression Trump was guilty and most likely voted accordingly (or stayed home), costing the Republicans the House.

It was stolen when Trump’s economy shattered employment record after employment record for the country and every minority group with little to no media coverage or Republican support.

It was stolen when the media colluded for four straight years to never cover any of President Trump’s accomplishments, rendering his Twitter account as the only place one could learn of the good things that were happening and leaving Trump, himself, solely responsible for promoting his team’s victories and, consequently, looking like a braggart.

It was stolen when one of the many faceless deep state, anti-Trump bureaucrats accused him of calling the President of Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, who wasn’t the Democrat nominee at the time of the call, but who had bragged about using his political clout to get the Ukraine to stop investigating him and his son, Hunter.

It was stolen when Trump was impeached for no reason.

It was stolen when credible government officials like John Brennan, James Clapper, Adam Schiff, and others were given 24/7 access to every cable news channel to go on whenever they want to say they have incontrovertible evidence that Trump worked with Russians to steal the election, even though they had testified to Congress they had no evidence.

It was stolen when the nation’s corporate, foreign-influenced uni-media professionals abandoned all curiosity and journalistic pretense and refused to do any investigative reporting into the nearly daily lies about Trump and his administration.

It was stolen when the “fine people” hoax was given life and promoted by the media, with no corrections regarding what Trump really said, through the 2020 election.

It was stolen when the “inject yourself with bleach” hoax was given life and promoted by the media, with no corrections regarding what Trump really said, through the 2020 election.

It was stolen when countless states used COVID as an excuse to defy their own state constitutions and fundamentally alter the way elections were held in their states.

It was stolen when COVID was predicted to kill 2.2 million Americans unless we shut down one of the greatest economies in our country’s history, just for two weeks…

It was stolen when blue state governors refused to reopen their states to get their economies back up and running.

It was stolen when Congress refused to issue COVID relief aid to families who’s jobs or businesses were lost because the government decided to take them away from them.

It was stolen when Trump and his supporters were repeatedly cast as white supremacists with absolutely no pushback at all from the Republican Party or conservative pundits, who’s best response was a timid and reluctant, “am not…”

It was stolen from Trump when Democrats spent the Summer encouraging (or looking the other way) the militant wing of the Democrat Party to destroy cities, vandalize monuments, and terrorize innocent law enforcement and civilians so they could blame it all on Trump and his white supremacist supporters.

It was stolen when the media decided to not only enable, but promote, four years of raw hypocrisy and gaslighting of the American people while the Republican Party stood by and let it all happen without a peep.

It was stolen when Democrats pushed sending unsolicited, unconstitutional mail-in ballots to entire states, flooding the zone with unverified and unaccounted ballots from people who otherwise never would have “voted.”

It was stolen when all media outlets refused to report on the historic Middle East peace agreements Trump secured in the last few months before the election.

It was stolen when everyone mocked President Trump’s boundless optimism and intentionally confused it with lies, even after it turned out he was often, as in the case of the accelerated COVID vaccines, correct.

It was stolen when the threat of COVID was exaggerated beyond any reality so the media and Democrat politicians could set the narrative that Trump lied about it and handled it poorly, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

It was stolen was the United States populace strayed so far from being able to tell what was reality and what was fiction that no one knew where to turn or who to trust anymore.

It was stolen when Big Tech companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook used the vast powers of their platforms to suppress pro-Trump information and subtly black out conservative news sites and opinions in favor of pro-Democrat ones.

It was stolen when the press reported on Trump scandal after Trump scandal, even though every one turned up no evidence and resulted in no concrete action.

It was stolen when Trump’s tax records were stolen and half-reported, with no cross examination, days before a national debate with Joe Biden.

It was stolen when “fact checkers” were assigned to every news report that may look Trump remotely favorable to explain why whatever it is he was saying or doing wasn’t actually true or reliable.

It was stolen by China, who spent the last decade getting in bed with and funding every political and cultural institution in this country, before they decided to just go ahead and poison everyone with their lab-grown virus.

It was stolen by the media who refused to notice or acknowledge that we started no new wars in the past four years, and in fact, withdrew troops from around the world.

It was stolen when the Party of Projection went into high gear and spent four years accusing President Trump of doing what they had been doing to him the entire time.

It was stolen when any conservative who got anywhere near some traction for calling out media and Democrat garbage reporting was labeled a crazy conspiracy theorist.

The Democrat Party started stealing this election from President Trump before he was even sworn into office.

Coincidence? Coordinated? Conspiracy?

You say tomato…